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How We Do It

Who We Are

What we do:

At YourBusinessEdge we’ve developed a proven small business marketing methodology - our Marketing Edge System - to deliver increased sales for a very small marketing budget - it’s “What We Do”. Let’s face it, there are ONLY TWO objectives you can have for your small business marketing:

1. Attract new customers who will spend money
2. Get existing customers to visit more often and spend more money

That’s it - nothing else impacts your small business sales. Simple, right? And every small business marketing campaign that’s not aligned...

How we do it:

We build and actively manage a revenue producing ‘Marketing Machine’ for your small business. It's like having your own expert marketing department working for you at a very affordable cost.

There's a difference between marketing and advertising. Marketing should come first. And within small business marketing there are key ‘core campaigns’ that must be given priority. The primary delivery of marketing now lives in the digital world. This is how new customers find you...

Who we are:

We are highly experienced marketers who love to work with small businesses! We are your competitive ‘Edge’ over your competitors.

YourBusinessEdge is a nationwide small business marketing service that enables small business owners to have great marketing on a limited budget. We understand you are watching your dollars carefully and want to invest them where they provide...